Thursday, 20 July 2017

Paint Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia July 8 - 10th

Plein Air Painting At Peggy's Cove 
What a blast! I was on site all three days for this wonderful festival, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th and Monday 10th of July between 10am and 5pm. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia and have visited Peggy's Cove but nothing prepared me for the experience of watching the phenomenal changes in ocean and sky that occurred daily over the 7 hours of painting. The weather was ever-changing from rain &fog in the morning to hot sun and wind in the afternoon.  It was exhilarating and inspiring to watch the water and sky change so dramatically and I did my best to capture its beauty!

I met so many nice people, from all over the world. At my easel I sold one of my Yukon Northern Lights painted on a fire-killed spruce wood cut from the forest near my home to a man from Bosnia who loved the aurora and a small painting study of a dory that was in progress on the wharf on day 3  to an enchanting 9 year old girl named Mitra who wanted to buy the painting right there  and as is! (her parents obliged :)  So encouraging! These are the experiences that make painting worthwhile! When your work moves, inspires and brings happiness to others. It was inspiring for me to see all the other artists works and I enjoyed meeting many of them.

Each Day's Work as well as studio pieces of my work were on view and for sale in the large Mongolian Yurt ( round tent) located a short walk from the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse. I put a selection of Yukon art in the Yurt. There were lots of maritime scenes of boats, lighthouses and ocean- very beautiful for sure but I wanted to show them my beautiful wilderness, the mountains, northern lights and fireweed. I am a Yukoner now not a bluenoser :)

It was a great challenge to paint outdoors again and I look forward to another festival somewhere in Canada again next year!  If any of you have suggestions, I would be grateful if you would please let me know in the comments. For any artists interested the  Paint Peggy's Cove Festival of the Arts, was a well-organized, professional event.  The organizers were helpful, hospitable and supportive and I would recommend it to other artists as a great experience.  The ocean, scenery and people were spectacular! Best.... Jackie

 Day One by the Yurt:

 Day 2: by the Visitor Information Centre

Well, of course! .... the Lighthouse :)

Day Three about to begin on the Wharf

My Yukon!

These were some of my Yukon Paintings that Sold!

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