Monday, 26 November 2012

Early Morning : Blind Creek

Blind Creek Sunrise
8x10 Original Acrylic
On Canvas

This time of year when the light is low, we get some spectacular sunrises. There is this other worldly-light; it hits the snow covered trees and it stops your breath and you silently witness it. It is fleeting,  only for a few minutes and then it is gone. 
 It is -30 degrees outside today at our Magundy home.  Time to start painting and then break for a morning walk.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Impasto Painting with Complementary Colours

Title:  Winter Solstice
6x8 Acrylic on Canvas

Lots of impasto gel in this painting.  I like the effect but I need to experiment and play more with this technique. 
My son looked at it and said, "Mom, where's the fire?"  Response: "In my soul, son!"
The best times when painting is when I just creatively play with a piece and see what happens.  Love the process.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Seniors Acrylic Impasto Painting Workshop 

We chose Northern Lights as a topic and picked a simple composition of trees and skyline.

Step one was putting gesso with pigment for under colour.  
Step two draw your composition with dark marker, and apply impasto gel where you want texture. Leave the gel to dry for 24 hours.
Palette colours:  Pthalo Blue, Pthalo Green, Quinacridone Red, Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Light 
Golden Glazing Medium

This is step one and two of the painting above.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Watercolour Christmas Card

Christmas Star
Original Watercolour

This image will be one of the Christmas Cards I have for sale this year at the Church Ladies Tea in Faro Yukon on November 24, 2012

I plan to do another Christmas Image as well.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Seniors Workshop in Faro, Nov.16,17, 2012

Antique Acrylic Painting Workshop
For Faro Seniors
By Jackie Dowell Irvine

Friday November 16, 4pm to 6pm
Saturday November 17, 2pm to 5pm
Location: Faro Seniors Complex
Cost:  FREE!


Come create your own work of art on canvas using impasto gel to create texture.  Learn how to build up your painting with colour in layers with a technique called glazing.  
Step-by-Step Instruction and Demonstration by the Artist is provided

This workshop is funded by the Government of Canada
New Horizons for Seniors Program

Any questions please e-mail me at irvine_770@hotmail.com
Or Leave Message @ 994-2069    Please Register by Nov.15th

Hand-made ART Cards for Sale or Mail-Order

I have been making my own Art Cards for a few years now and they are becoming more and more popular.  I actually enjoy making them myself.  It is a bit time consuming but well worth the effort.  The process is simple:  I use a high-quality, acid-free card stock, usually an ivory colour with a deckled (torn) edge and envelope to match. The paper has a distinctive texture which is lovely to write on.  I use printed images of my paintings and then hand-sign each card with the Painting title and my signature.  The inside of the card is blank.
I have thought about having them printed professionally but it takes away from the handmade and personal element of this product and I find that the quality  is superior compared to what you would get from a printer.

If anyone would like to order my cards, locally they can be purchased in Faro Yukon at the Discovery Store and in Whitehorse they are available at Yukon Artists At Work on 120 Industrial Road.  To mail order the cards, I will send an order with a minimum of 6 cards for $38.00 shipping included.
*International Orders please E-mail me.

A Few Samples

Mail Order Selection

You can choose from these images to make up an order of 6:

Little Salmon Lake, Yukon 

Anvil Range, Faro Yukon 

Rose Mountain, Faro Yukon

Swim Lakes Trail, Faro Yukon

Spring Break Up, Yukon River

Aurora Borealis, Yukon

 Pond on the Robert Campbell Hwy, Yukon

Dragon Lake, Yukon
Midnight Sun, Yukon River

Fisheye Lake, Faro Yukon

Sunset: Little Salmon Lake, Yukon

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ross River, Yukon Watercolour Workshop

About three weeks ago, in Ross I had the pleasure of doing some art work with a small and great group of people. We used oil pastel and watercolour to create a scene with Aspens in Fall.  Masking fluid was used as well to maintain the Aspen trees and pencil,  and ink was used for detailing the trees.  The oil pastel and masking fluid "resist" the watercolour making it fun to put washes on. I would like to thank Kitty Sperling and Yasmine Djabri for making this workshop possible through funding provided by:
 Yukon College, Ross River Campus.

Some beautiful samples are shown below:
It always amazes me and gives me such a great feeling to see the finished works!

Workshop  Participants